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My first page

April 13, 2013 ·

The first page of the OAP site is a detector: all HTML5 capable browsers pass to the OAP home page, all others to a page that warns users their browsers are not 5 compatible may not function properly.

No sympathy for  IE users...IE9 scores 42 out of a possible 500 points in compatibility ratings! I'll include links to FireFox and Chrome downloads. Let's hope few users see it.

Tags: Development

Proof of Concept

April 13, 2013 ·

Working thru some proof of concept Backbone and templating issues: creating models, retrieving data from them. Also investigating (still) jQuery-mobile as a rendering engine.

I think jQuery-mobile will suffice for phone apps/pages. Backbone will be the controller for many views and modules. I envision designing individual modules as mobile ready, slimming the down for phone use, then incorporating them into a Backbone superstructure for Web and Tablets. Somewhat of a compromise from my original goal, but a more pragmatic approach.

So...what exactly is meant by 'individual modules as mobile ready'? Modules should be data agnostic, unaware of their platform and easily wrapped in jqm pages.


Login Design

April 13, 2013 ·

I want to capture a few pieces of information for those who wish to view my demo (It's meant to discourage casual visitors.): firstname, lastname, email.

All fields are required and field email must be a valid email address.

I must validate, then save this data to the database and  populate localstorage.User. Later, we can hang all sorts of identifiers and properites on User as User navigates through the site.

When Login submits, if success, goes to home page; goes back to Login, [with message,] otherwise.

When Login cancels, exits to home.

I'll build this interface with Backbone.js forms, no need for jQuery-UI just yet.





Hello World!

April 13, 2013 · 2 Comments

Today I began implemetation of Orion Arm properties (OAP). This is a two module effort: this blog and a professional demonstration site, resume.

This blog will serve as a technical diary of designing and implementing a site crafted in HTML5 and javaScript using ColdFusion10 and Backbone.js, jQuery.

The blog portion of this development project was certainly the easiest: within 15 minutes I had Laura Arguello's excellent Mango Blog. The blog will manage my contributed content. Eventually, it will tie in with logings and user comments.

So, off to the races! Next, some proof of concept tests using Backbone.js and jQuery.

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