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Tea Party Lies About WWII Memorial

October 16, 2013 ·

It seems that Tea Party Assholes (TPA) - especially Bachmann, Cruz, Palin (oy veh what a cast!) - invited America to a masquarade based on lies.

TPA Representatives in the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee (chair by TPA Issa) called National Park Service Director Jarvis on the carpet to explain why he denied WWII veterans access to the World War II Memorial. Director Jarvis responded that he allowed veteran groups access to the WWII Memorial -  as well as the somewhat less photogenic Korean and Vietnam memorials - as 'a First Amendment activity'. No veteran group was ever turned away from visiting these national monuments during the shutdown.

The national freak show in the shadow of the Washington Monument was a lie, a sham and certainly entirely off the irony meter.


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